unity3d 3.0 phsyX upgrade

hi i have unity basic and i was wondering with the big 3.0 update if they are updating the free version to. i know that the lightMapping/AO will be pro only but will they give the physX upgrade on unity basic....... if not are they even updating unity basic?

thanks for your time :)

Apparently basic lightmapping will be available without pro. The physx update will be available to both, though whether some of the new stuff it gives (e.g. cloth simulation) will be in there will be discovered later

The feature delta hasn't been published, but it would be flat out insane for Unity to leave an older version of the physics engine on the free version - they'd end up supporting both engines on the same platform, which would double their testing cost, increase their webplayer size, and a ton of other disadvantages. As Mike mentions, they might not expose all the same features as in Pro, but it's unthinkable that they'd keep the old PhysX on free.