Unity3D 3.0 Pro

This is the best!

Unity 3.0 support is also WebGL?, Or bring a new player plug-in?

Will Direct X11 and OpenGL (WebGL) support?

X-Box360 and Playstation 3 support?

When the full version comes out? and they also exist in German?


No, dx11 will not be supported, in all honesty the tech is too new. WebGl will not be supported either, I don't think we are missing much there.

Yes, ps3 and 360 will be supported and it will work just like wii, meaning you must be a registered dev with Sony/Microsoft.

No concrete release date has been set , though we can expect a Summer 2010 release. Also if you preorder now you will have access to the early beta when that becomes available. No word on German support unfortunately.

I consider that Unity one of the best Engines all over the world. But I would want that it was the best in the world and won first place. But it has 1 small minus is Graphics. I think that DirectX 11 would be very opportunely. Guys is time, you to anticipate all Engines... For example CryEngine!!

Will there be a free version from unity 3.0?

Why no DirectX11 support?

Trinigy (http://www.trinigy.net/) but also supports DirectX11.

And WebGL should also be supported before others do, and Unity will no longer keep up. or?