Unity3D 3.2, MonoDevelop debugger "inspector" problems

I'm using Unity3D 3.2 and MonoDevelop 2.4.2. When i launch Unity3D in debug mode with MonoDevelop and putting a breakpoint just after a List<> initialization (new List()), and hover the mouse pointer on the variable it says "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". Then if i add items in the List all works, but when i do something like this:

BaseUnit baseUnit = (BaseUnit)m_SelectedUnits[0].GetComponent(typeof(BaseUnit));

(BaseUnit is a MonoBehaviour i declared, m_SelectedUnits it is the list, List), and hover the mouse pointer on baseUnit it shows nothing, only the description of the variable.. this way i can't debug my problem, watching the properties of BaseUnit class etc. Is this normal? There's a way to solve?

Same problem, list is gone..i feel its 3.2 but can this be a monodev bug? Unity please help...

This appears to be a mono develop issue, although there is some unqualified suggestion that this was fixed in 2.4.2..


This has been fixed in the edition of MonoDevelop shipped with Unity 3.3.