unity3d 4.6 separate ui for each camera

How would I go about making separate canvases for two separate cameras in one scene.

You could just give the UI for one camera a LAYER of UIOne and the UI for the other camera a LAYER of UITwo. Then go to the first camera and click on CULLING MASK and unselect UITwo. Go to the second camera and unselect UIOne. Then the cameras will only show the UI meant for it.

–An Example Below–

I made a plane and put 2 different text objects on it. Then I made 2 cameras and did what was explained above.

  • Create two different canvases in your scene.

  • Select the Render Mode for each canvas as Screen Space - Camera.

  • Then assign the camera for each of those canvases as required.

  • Then that particular canvas will be drawn using the camera assigned to it.