Unity3d 5.3 Baked GI error?

Honestly nothing to say here. Look at the pictures and please tell me if you know how to fix it. I dont know what is causing it but been trying to get it fixed for a while now. I think it is related to baked gi but cant say for sure. After baked the floor trim is causing a white/Gray texture error.

Thanks, Klaus

if you’re wondering why your post was never answered, it’s because Unity and it’s ecosystem have more problems than they have answers. In fact well over 50% of new questions are to things that have already been answered. Imagine if every time a person went through a drive-thru and McDonald’s they were greeted by a speak but no menu. You’d be forced to say “um what do you guys have”, or best case scenario you’d ask “what’s the thing called that’s like a hamburger but it’s got fish instead of beef and it’s around $1”. Gee you’d think that McDonald’s, after a few years of that, would install a visual menu. Likewise, Unity needs to do the same, so that 100,000 new users don’t ask the same question shot-in-the-dark questions.