Unity3D-5 game in flex

From the following link(On the future of Web publishing in Unity | Unity Blog),I have trying to upload the angrybots game in flex .But it shows some error ie: try to find a browser which support WebGl.Can anyone help please.

You haven’t given any information to help you other than a link and mention of flex.

So all i can do is make assumptions.

If you’re trying to do something with Unity and Flex, flex isn’t supported. WebGL is typically implemented in browsers, Chrome currently seems to support it best(Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc), the blog post you linked to is specific to WebGL. Please use a browser that supports WebGL to view the tech demos from the blog post. Chrome and Firefox are good choices.

The information that would have been helpful. Are you in fact trying to embed it in a flex project?

Are you using unity currently and trying to build AngryBots as webplayer build?

By upload do you mean download, but in fact you’re just trying to view it in a browser of some sort?

If you were using a browser, which and what version.

These are tech demo’s for Unity 5 that hasn’t been released yet.

Unity 5 will no longer support flash exports. From the manual(http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/flash-gettingstarted.html):

Note. Flash deployment licenses are no longer available and Flash will be removed from Unity 5. However, Flash support will continue throughout the 4.x cycle.