Unity3d 5DT Data Glove

Did anyone have successful implement some application that using unity3d with 5DT data glove input hardware?(http://www.5dt.com/products/pdataglove5u.html)

i have a project that require add 5dt data glove input device into the software that developed using unity 3d.
I am stuck in connection between this device with unity 3d environment.

I do not have access to this hardware, so cannot speak authoratively. However, Fifth Dimension have drivers for this device which exist as lib and dll files. You should be able to drag the fglove.dll into a Plugins folder and Unity should know that it is a windows DLL. If you look at their documentation section 6.2.2 tells you how to access the device from c#, and something similar should work with Unity.

Note that you cannot include Windows DLLs in a web project.

Please download the newest C# drivers (v2.4) from http://www.5dt.com/downloads.html . It now supports C# .NET2 and higher, and also includes a MonoDevelop example.

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Im having the same problem… with Visual Studio 2010 and Unity 3.4

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using FDTGloveUltraCSharpWrapper;

public class guante : MonoBehaviour {
	CfdGlove guanteObject;
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		guanteObject = new CfdGlove();
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {

I have the latest drivers for c#, from the 5dt site, and in my assets folder I have the FDTGloveUltraCSharpWrapper.dll and fglove.dll and the scripts… I have the c# file attached to a light… I get the error:

FDTGloveUltraCSharpWrapper.CfdGlove.Open (System.String sPortName)
guante.Start() (at assets/guante.cs:11)

I guess the problem is in the fglove.dll file, how do we know the archive is linked to the wrapper?.. Im novice with both Unity and the glove… please help