Unity3D and MySQL: Unknown identifier: 'MySql'.

I’ve connected Unity project to MySQL as shown in this tutorial: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/63364-Unity-with-MySQL and it works fine.
But when I’m trying to do the same in another project I get strange error :slight_smile:
Mono says everything is okey, but Unity console returns: BCE0005: Unknown identifier: ‘MySql’. It happens even if I just export - import asset package from the first project to the new one. References in Mono to MySql.Data and System.Data are ok.
Any ideas? Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

PS. Using JS.

PSPS. If I just copy the project folder, it works)

The order in which scripts are compiled can cause this. See Unity - Scripting API:.

Use the MySql.Data.dll stored in mysql folder
Connector NET x.x.x/Assemblies/v2.0
and the tutorial work fine, Unity seems not compatible with .Net v4.