Unity3D + appszoom

Hi all!
I have just published a game(Plant HD Free) and I found appszoom.com where I can advertise my application without having to pay, instead I need to advertise other games for free. To use this function I need to implement a simple SDK provided by apszoom. It is a .jar file. The documentation says (which is designed for Android SDK) I should just copy the .jar into the libs directory and implement it by adding this line to the project: import appszoom… I also need to add some lines to the manifest file. The problem is that Unity can’t import the .jar file. What should I do?

Hi there!

I’m Nicolas from Appszooom.

Unfortunately we are not supporting Unity3D for now.

Anyway, you can try to import the .jar file following these Unity official instructions: Unity - Manual: Create and use plug-ins in Android

Please feel free to contact us (hello@appszoom.com) if you have any questions or you need any further information.