Unity3d build on Jetson Nano doesn't run

I am trying to run basically an empty scene made for linux from Unity on a Nvidia Jetson Nano.

I get the following error : cannot execute binary file: Exec format error.

When creating a build I selected Universal x86 and x64 and I tried running both but got the same error.

The ubuntu version on my Jetson Nano is 18.01.2 LTS and 64 bit architecture.

Any thoughts?

The Jetson nano runs on an arm processor. You can only build for X64 and X86 on Linux with unity :(. If you could somehow install android on your Jetson, unity might be able to build to it as it supports arm on android.

Until we get a native ARM build for Unity, I think you’ll have to build your game for WebGL and run it in Chromium to get it to run on the Nano.