Unity3D causes unexpected ShutDown while in editor

I am trying to create a scene which is kind-of heavy to be honest, but it makes my computer shut down. Well not exactly shut down, but it makes it not recieve inpute from mouse/keyboard (as it does not send electrical current through them) and it doesn’t output anything to the monitor, meanwhile the system fans are running so is the OS. If I try to force a shut down it won’t work (by pressing the button) so I have to unplug my machine.

Here are my specs :

  1. AMD FX4100 Black Edition 3.6GHz
  2. AMD HD 7770GHz Edition 1GB DDR5
  3. 8GB DDR3 (some cheap sticks at 1330MHz)
  4. 550Watt power supply

Which is more than enough I believe. All of that happens in the editor and not while in a composed unity game!
Using the latest version (yes I have tried to downgrade and yes I have reinstalled, but nothing helps)

Any assistance is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

It seems that I have found the problem, it was an asset that was causing it. :slight_smile: