Unity3D Choppy Camera Motion

I tried many different methods but never succeed to make a perfectly smooth camera movement. Even in a very simple scene, camera follow is not good enough. There are hiccups in motion. Hiccups do not occur periodically but randomly. If I didn’t know some games(e.g. Manuganu) made in unity and has a perfect camera follow, I would think it is impossible. My scene is so simple, there are sprites, target character and camera. Target character seems normal always, but all other things jitter for a very short time, randomly, but disturbing.

What I have tried so far: -Change camera position in LateUpdate/FixedUpdate. -Made my target interpolate/extrapolate. -Moved camera depending on Deltatime. -Increased physics steps. -Set the targetframerate = 60. -Played with all Quality settings, Vsync etc. -Many variations and other things…-there is no GC issue

The best scenario is, random hiccups…happening in both mobile and editor. Unity’s example scripts doesn’t work perfectly smooth either. I can’t continue developing sidescroll runner game because of this hiccup problem.

The question is: is there any way I didn’t mention, is there any example on the Internet? I did everything I can do.

transform.position = new Vector3(target.x, target.y, -10);
This is how I update camera position in LateUpdate.

PS: There is no FPS drop issue.

Have you tried using smoothing on the camera? This way when the player moves suddenly, the camera moves to follow, but flows more evenly.

The following is based on the code from the Survival Shooter tutorial in the Unity Learn section. The code goes on the camera. The “target” is the player.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class CameraFollow : MonoBehaviour 
	public Transform target;
	public float smoothing = 5f;

	private Vector3 offset;
	void Start()
		offset = transform.position - target.position;
		// Or do offset = new Vector3(target.x, target.y, -10);

	void FixedUpdate()
		Vector3 targetCamPos = target.position + offset;
		transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, targetCamPos, smoothing * Time.deltaTime);

Difficult to analyse without more information. If you bind your camera to the character in this way, every “hickup” of the character transforms 1:1 to the camera. And the effect is, that the camera and the character seem not to “hickup”, but everything else does.

I would recommend either decoupling the camera from character by running some code to smooth the camera movement or searching for the error in the character movement.

Yeah, as onculy mentioned above it is not camera follow issue. I tested in empty scene with simple cube many times. Also it moves well if you don`t want perfect camera moves. But I need perfect and smooth move for TV broadcasting.