unity3d connect to php or coldfusion for database information

I want to be able to pull data from a database and assign that data to variables via unity3D. I would like to do this using AJAX or a similar system to get real time updates on the data, either retrieving the data or updating the database. I'd prefer to do so via functions in either a PHP file or Coldfusion file running on a public server. I'm not looking for simple high scores posting page or anything like that. Does anyone have some links or advice to get started?

You can use the WWW class in Unity to make HTTP post requests to any webserver of your liking. You have a wide variety of options available on the server to accept and deal with that request. (php, .net, python, perl, etc)

I ended up using smartFox server to update the same database that the Coldfusion server is using for data calls.. seems to be the only way to achieve the result I wanted.