Unity3D Editor frozen after waking up PC from power save mode?

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a problem with the Unity3D editor (version 5.5.03f). It remains frozen everytime after I send my PC to sleep for the night and wake it up again the next morning. I have to kill it with the task manager and restart it (the editor) to be able to work again. If I ever forget to save before I unthoughtfully press the stand-by button of my PC I’ll very likely end up having lost any unsaved work the next morning.

Do you experience the same issue? Can I do anything about it that actually solves the issue instead of just working around it (like not forgetting to save, quitting the editor every evening before I go to bed, stuff like that)?

Thank you!

same here, any solution?

I cant help you with the freezing issue, what i can help you with is:

everytime you enter the playmode, unity creates a backup of your scene, which should contain everything you changed. If you start Unity again(on day later for example) this backup gets overwritten.
The Backup of your scene is placed in your

Unity ProjectFolder / Temp /__backupscenes

The file is called 0.backup

copy this file to your Unity Assets Folder and rename it to (example) backup.unity

and voila your work is restored.