.unity3d extension becomes Default Asset


I have looked around to see if I could find an answer, but if it's around I couldn't find it. What I have is a problem - I have some code from a game made in Unity, and the extension is .unity3d. I have tried to open a new project in Unity and upload the Assets and the contents of the Library folder, which did work. However, when I try to add this .unity3d file to the mix, it becomes a "Default Asset" and is blank. I have also tried just adding the .unity3d file on its own to an empty project, and that didn't work either.

Obviously I'm missing something, but I'm fairly new so I could use some help!


An unity3d file extension means it's an unity project that has been build for the webplayer. You can't 'decompile' a game once it has been build. This is to protect the developer - imagine you buy an expensive game and you suddenly have access to the thousands of dollars worth of models/animations and scripts.