Unity3d fails when uses float value.

As you might know i have some global variables. When i use that variable from login_screen (c# script) everything is okey, but when i'm trying to use it in another scene (in JS script) it fails.


First like - ok (its string), but on second line unity3d closes.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class GlobalClass : MonoBehaviour {
        void Awake () {
    DontDestroyOnLoad (this);
private static string m_session = "";

public static string current_session
get { return m_session; }
set { m_session = value; }
private static float m_x_coordinate = 0;

public static float x_coordinate
get { return m_x_coordinate; }
set { m_x_coordinate = value; }
private static float m_y_coordinate = 0;

public static float y_coordinate
get { return y_coordinate; }
set { m_y_coordinate = value; }
private static float m_z_coordinate = 0;

public static float z_coordinate
get { return m_z_coordinate; }
set { m_z_coordinate = value; }

If you are using the same code you posted as an answer to your earlier question it fails because the getter y_coordinate returns itself and not the member m_y_coordinate like it should.

In general you should include relevant code (like the decalaration of GlobalClass) and any error messages you might get in your question.