Unity3D gibberish in menus

I installed unity3D about 1 hour ago. I have Unity version 4.3.4f1.

I was going through the 2d tutorial and when I tried to import a new asset, the application crashed.

I discovered another problem when I was looking around, some texts (menus/options inside the editor) are weird.




What is going on? Is my unity3d corrupted or something? Is it always this buggy? It’s kind of disappointing to know that if I forget to ctrl+s, I will lose progress because of the crashes I may find.

Any help is appreciated.

It’s random, sometimes it screws up the menu sometimes it doesn’t, and it looks like this:

You should probably post to Unity Technical Support forums


Based on this article

the issue may be OpenGL vs DirectX; try File / Build Settings / Player Settings / off to the right there’s a use Direct3D 11 checkbox that might help; can’t say for sure haven’t had to deal with that personally.

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