Unity3D + Hibernate / Spring?

Anyone know if theres an equivalent to hibernate on the C# side? I'm coming from a J2EE background and having to hack up DAO's and JDBC/SQL style code for my server sounds like a blast form the past I could do without. Saw someone refer to "NHibernate" for the C# camp, anyone using this?

I am, just not within Unity (nor with a Unity project). It's a great library, and you may want to consider the Tekpub screencasts if you wish to get familiar with it.

I just had my first go at compiling Spring.Net Core to a unity accepted dll for both standalone and web.

I could get Core to be compiled and accepted in a Unity standalone build by setting the MONO_2_0 debug symbol and clearing the illegal assembly reference to Visual Basic.

To get an accepted web build, I had to remove assembly references to System.Drawing and System.configuration and "fix" the errors.

Since Spring.Net is dependent on log4net, that also needs to be custom built. It is dependent on both System.Web and System.configuration.

For now I have only tried to get Unity to build my modified libs, but this might show to be the easiest part, since a single call to the log4net log manager (with default configuration) - will cause the web player to throw an exception when the tab with player is closed (at least in Chrome).

So the short answer is that it requires some source modifications of the Spring.Net framework and its dependencies. Our goal is to use parts of Spring.Net in a web build and Spring.Net + NHibernate + log4net in standalone builds. When we reached that goal, I can update this answer.

Kind Regards, Keld lykke, Apex Virtual Entertainment