unity3d is meter units? meter to cm

unity3d is meter units?

i have created a golf simulator.

meter units were used.

golf ball

-sphere collider


radius : 0.024

mass  : 0.045

drag : 0.012

angular drag : 0.03


-mesh collider


 use gravity : false

 is Kinematic : true

some problems occurred.

1.sometimes terrain had not collision.

2.rolling the ball on the same height two terrainplanes. when passing other objects. it comes out to collision though it is flat

i think ball too small.

Eventually i have to change unit that meter to cm.

specially , physics related..

Does a good way?

how can i do?

what do i need to change?

please tell me.

Well, Unity is not technically in meters. Its in units which closely resemble meters. If you have objects passing through each other, then you would either need to scale them up, which is difficult or, use Continuous collision detection.

It makes sure that small or fast moving objects don't pass through each other, but it is expensive, so you only want the ball and objects that the ball passes through to use it.