Unity3d is refusing to include a level in the build

Hey guys and dolls!

I am running into a new and exciting problem with Unity 4.34f1

Up until about a week ago, my buttons were working just fine. Now, the “LoadLevel” line is no longer loading a level. It works fine in the Editor, but when I build out an .apk and run it on any android device (I have several) it simply will not load the new level.

The .apk is now half the size it used to be, so I believe that the level in question is not getting included in the build at all, despite the fact that it is showing up in the build-settings in the editor.

In logcat it states “Level IW_Deck01 (1) couldn’t be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings”

So, how do I fix the build settings? In the Unity editor, when I go to File–>Build Settings the level is there and is checkmarked and is listed as (1).

Is there a file I can edit/delete to force a refresh maybe?

HAHAHA! Found it!

The Split Application Binary radio button under the “Publishing Settings” had got turned on. So it was building the first part of the binary with one level and the second part of the binary with the second level.

It’s *always" a radio button, innit?