Unity3d Mac project freezes when importing ogg/mv4 files on external hard disk

Updated to Catalina on Mac Pro, since then if I try to open a project on an external hard disk it will freeze when it encounters mv4 or ogg files. The import will stop on the first file of this type that it encounters. Have to kill the Unity process, and sometimes even after the process is force quit the import dialog will remain up. This implies that Unity started a separate importer thread, possibly an external helper app, or something like that.
Just guessing.

After updating to Catalina any time I open an application the OS goes through a “verification” step the first time that takes a long time. I am wondering if the process handling the import is something like this. Catalina won’t let it run until it is verified, and because it’s a helper app that Unity uses, it never gets verified. Unity waits forever for the import process to complete.

I found the files, in one case, and resaved them. It was a punt, because I don’t know what could have been different in the sound settings.
I had the same issue with a different program that had way too many ogg files than I could resave, and in that case I found using Unity Hub that the problem only seemed to affect certain versions of Unity. In this case I updated to 2019.3 and I could import. I was trying to use 2018.x and that was freezing.
Your milage may vary, because I also installed a new larger hard disk and migrated files from external USB drives to internal SSD so compiling could be faster (like x4 faster) and that might have had some impact.
At one point I thought the problem was because Catalina handles external volumes differently than internal, but that theory didn’t hold up. Sometimes you try everything you can think of and have no idea which thing did the trick.

Got it. Yeah, I am actually not importing from external drive; downloaded project from bitbucket to my SSD and tried to import and the freezing happened. I have a PC that I can use so I’m just using that for now as I’m working on Android build; I’ll have to keep tinkering so I can do future iOS builds. It’s a released game so I’m not thrilled with the risk of updating the engine. I’ll update if I find something.


I have the same issue and can’t find a solution, what do you mean by “resaving” them @akeplinger ?

Hi, I have same problem and fix it. You should replace two files in FSBTool folder in Unity package in unity folder, long story short: you should path your unity from 32bit to 64bit.

Programs folder/Unity/Hub/Editor/YOUR_EDITOR/Unity(Show content of package)/Contents/Tools/FSBTool/

Patch 64bit: