Unity3D model to Skyrim

So I’m trying to create a Cthulhu NPC for a Skyrim mod I am working on. I’ve found plenty of tutorials for taking a 3DS model and creating a NIF mesh that can be used in Skyrim. HOWEVER, I’ve found a beautiful Cthulhu here on Unity that I’d love to use. Does anybody know how you would go about transferring a Unity model into Skyrim? The easiest I can think of would be to convert the Unity to 3DS or Blender, and then from there create the NIF. Does anybody know of a more direct route or is that probably the best strategy?

What exactly is a “Unity3D model”? Unity is not a modelling application, so if you mean a FBX model, then just import it into 3D Studio Max or whatever you use and go from there. I don’t see how Unity is involved in the process :slight_smile:
Check which file format the model is (I guess it’s FBX and maybe *OBJ) and then check if you can import that format with your application (should be no problem).

I assume you mean this model(Cthulhu)?

In that case, the asset author is actually supplying you with with 3DSMax files.