Unity3d/Mono equivalent ot break-on-variable-change?

Hi - when developing with C# in Visual Studio, I can put a breakpoint on a changing variable - execution will halt on the line that changes that variable. I’d like something like that right now, because I have these MeshRenderers that are having their enabled flag set to false and I don’t know where or how it’s happening. But it’s happening after Awake, so if I had a way to put a breakpoint on the enabled flag I’d be able to find it. Can that be done, or is that not supported in Mono?

press F9 on a line of code to insert a breakpoint.

right click on the red circle that appears.

Breakpoint properties

there is a break on variable change

view->debug windows-> watch

allows you set variables to watch.

Hi - i know this is an old post but did you find a way to achieve what you wanted?