Unity3D Multiplayer with Photon

I’m planning to make a MMO games. Many people suggesting to use Photon Server. and i have a questions about it

  1. Does Photon can be programmed in JS ? (most of it are Photon.cs, but my game script mostly use JS)
  2. I use Mobile Broadband (which mean it doesn’t have a static IP address), does it problem with my game / server if i shutdown my computer? (sometimes, the IP address can change if i restart my PC)
  3. How to make each player shares their character info ? (such as health, rank)
  4. How to make it the player controls own character not other player character ? (Making a respawn I’m sure it’s an instance of player prefab which have if Input)

thanks for any answer

  1. Yes you can program Photon in JS
  2. Photon is very good at getting mobile broadband phones to connect to each other (much better than built in networking which can have a problem with this).

3 & 4. Very wide ranging questions - you need to study the multiplayer tutorials which teach you all about this.