Unity3d Network - Cant See Connected Players

Hello everyone

i was working on Network Script but i got 1 problem

that the new player cant see the old players

for example :

there is 3 Clients are Connected and Players are Instantiated

the Client1 can See Client 2 and Client 3 Players
the Client 2 can see Client 3 Player
Client 3 Cant see any players

so only the first Player can see connected People

i’m totally sure that the problem in the way i use to change Level

i use :

	void Awake(){

void OnServerInitialized(){
		Debug.Log("Created! and now go to the map");

	void OnPlayerConnected(NetworkPlayer networkPlayer)
		networkView.RPC("TellPlayerServerName", networkPlayer, serverName);

	void TellPlayerServerName (string servername)
		serverName = servername;	

//// and now after the map is loaded  i call Spawn Function

private void SpawnPlayer(){
	Debug.Log("Spawning PlayeR");
	Network.Instantiate(Player,new Vector3(0,0,0),Quaternion.identity,0);

thats not my full script its just the part of Changing the Scene from MainMenu to Map Scene


Most of the code you have posted is completely irrelevant, however I believe I can predict what you are doing wrong XD

My guess is that you have built your own spawning system.

//my guess is that you have a list of players
List<Player> playerList = new List<Player>()

//then when someone joins (as you already have)
void OnPlayerConnected(NetworkPlayer networkPlayer) {
    //you simply iterate through your players and spawn them for the newcomer
    foreach (player p in playerList) {
        networkView.RPC("SpawnPlayer", networkPlayer, \*etc*\);

Hope this helps,

Here is an example, change where needed

networkView.RPC("YourFunction", RPCMode.AllBuffered, VariablesToPassToFunction);

void YourFunction(int Something){
	//Do stuff here

Use RPC mode buffered…