unity3d new UI - spacing in Scrollable items does not scale proportionally.

Hello everyone,

As you see 3 different screenshots with different screen resolutions, and the spacing between items scales in a non-proportional way.

I have a Scroll Rect Component attached to the parent, and the components added to the child (content) appears in the attachment.
I have read about Content size fitter, Horizontal Layout Group, Scroll Rect … etc in the documentation,
and played with its parameters like Horizontal fit (true/false), the Child Force Expand … etc
also followed some tutorials which contrust the scroll just like I’ve done.

But still can’t get the “proportional spacing” between the items, lets say 1/6 th of the width of item width, but as you see I have even wider on small resolution screens and almost touching each other on big res screens.

It might be a simple trick or I have to change all structure… any hints please :slight_smile:


Hello I just ran into this issue. I know this is old but Im posting for anyone looking for answers.

It seems that the Scroll Rect affects the scaling in this case. To solve this you must instantiate an empty game object and set it to the Scroll Rect. Once done, you can instantiate the actual prefab and set the parent to the empty game object from earlier. This will retain the anchor positioning but not the scaling. So I scaled it down a bit by half… heres the code!

            GameObject emptyObject = GameObject.Instantiate(blankImagePrefab, deckContainer.transform);
            GameObject element = GameObject.Instantiate(elementPrefab, emptyObject.transform);
            element.transform.localScale *= 0.5f;