Unity3D on Ubuntu 10.04 with Wine (PlayOnLinux), have scene editor is black

Hi mans. My english no good, but I’m really need help.
I have Lenovo G560 with Ubuntu 10.04

And I want start writing games on Unity3d.
I try install Unity3d on virtuallBox with windows7. Unity3d work, but so stupid. Very stupid.

Now I can install Unity with PlayOnLinux.
Not immediately, but a unity3d running (I’m install fonts and needed windows component).

Unity work, but Don’t correctly!
Scene editor full black.

I’m atached screen img.
Please see and help me!!!


The Unity editor isn’t supported on Linux (or using Wine, or in VMs (especially VirtualBox)).

You can publish games made on Windows or OSX to Linux though. For more details see Linux Publishing in Unity 4.0 | Unity Blog.

This http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Running_Unity_on_Linux_through_Wine might be of help to find workarounds. It helped people solve various problems with Unity under Wine.

You can add your feedback votes to this topic http://feedback.unity3d.com/unity/all-categories/1/top/active/platforms-unity-editor-for-linu to show increased demand for it.

Cheers, Stefan/Unity QA