Unity3D + OSX Mavricks... Monodevelop not syncing

Hey guys,

After downloading mavericks I noticed some issues, did a full delete of Unity + monodevelop Reinstalled 4.2.2 and now I can’t get my solution to sync. Monodevelop no longer has anything in the solution window, I can’t debug, and tab completion isn’t working correctly. Any ideas? Thanks for your time,

This is happening because you still have some old MonoDevelop installed and Unity is point to it. There are two approaches:

  1. Uninstall/delete all old MonoDevelop files and reinstall Unity, or;
  2. Just point to the new MonoDevelop installation by going to the Unity preferences > External tools > External Script Editor and selecting browse and choose the one in Applications/Unity/MonoDevelop/.

How I solved this:

Solution 1:

Navigated to my project file and open opened up the solution manually. ( .sln file )

Solution 2:

Downloaded Xamarin

Unity Preferences => External Script Editor → set it to Xamarin

Open any script ( xamarin will launch ) then go back to Unity → assets → sync monodevelop project. (this will sync xamarin, disregard warnings, they have not been an issues).