Unity3D PhysX Wheel Colliders Question

Hi guys,

would like to ask for some help in using the wheelColliders. I'm currently making a street racing game, so I utilized the wheelColliders to address the movement of the car. Thing is, when the car is at rest, and the road I'm using is tilted to the side by just a few degrees, the car slides to that side.

Question is, is there a way to address this issue on the colliders? Maybe through the use of a material? Or do I have to rely on a different collider?

Thanks guys!

The WheelCollider has a property called sidewaysFriction which you could increase to stop the car sliding like this.

I've been using wheel colliders as well and have seen this problem, after searching around the problem seems to be caused by the friction models used and problems with dividing by very small numbers (slowly sliding down a slope) and the only solution is to either write your own driving physics or add a hacky work around to stop movement at low speeds. The method I used was to check if the velocity of the car is below 0.01 and then set the

rigidbody.isKinematic = true;

This stops the physics simulation and the sliding. Turn it back off when you press any key to make the car move.