Unity3d portable installation

Is it possible to install Unity3d on USB flash drive and run it on different computers?

Yes. You can take the editor and files with you. Firstly, copy the file path onto your folder:

C:\Program Files\Unity

Then, copy the directory for your project. You should know where you save that, usually in the Documents.

After that run Unity.exe (or something similar on Mac) from the "Editor" directory.

This will start up Unity and have all your scripts there. Best thing, it doesn't install a thing. It'll run all the stuff from the flash drive, and save it to the flash drive. You can always put it in, check your game, then go somewhere else.

Just go to program files and just find the unity folder and just copy it it has all of unitys files and to launch it all you have to do is go to the folder called editor or unity editor as there is a exe with the unity logo just make a shortcut of that in place Directly into the first folder of the flash drive so all you need to do is just launch it as soon as you open your flash drive

Im not sure if it will run on a different computer because the registry files are installed on the computer you installed it on. As long as you use it on the same PC, you should be fine.

bladejmh is right however a shortcut won’t work due to the fact that every computer will assign a different drive letter to your usb drive. To fix this you can simply assign the same drive letter of your choice to your usb drive for every computer you use it on, or you can create a batch file and use the start command to start it. Then if you wanted to get really fancy you could convert the batch file to an exe and change the icon of it to the unity icon. If you use the start command remember to leave out the drive letter.

Ex) START “F:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe” would become START “Program Files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe”

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alternatively i found that you can just run unity installer and then just install to the flash drive. same effect. and it goes around the licence error. Just have to be willing to wait lol

Does it install registry files? I think it will.

I've tried it with vmware's thinstall but was unsuccesfull.

could you please tell me how you pulled it off to create a portable version of unity?