Unity3d refuses to run when I click its icon

Hi all,

I have Unity3d 2.6 installed on my Alienware M11x laptop running win7 64 bit.

It worked fine for a while (couple of weeks), but now when I double click the icon to run it, it gives me the busy icon for 5 seconds or so then simply does nothing, no unity splash screen, no unity!

I've tried removing and re-installing, same problem, its doing my head in and google yields no help.

Anyone else had this issue before?



Found the answer in the question of another user suffering a similar issue. Doing the below has resolved my problem.

Add unity.exe to windows DEP Right click My Computer Click properties Click Link for Advanced System Settings on left Select Advanced Tab Click Settings button on the Performance section Select the Data Execution Prevention TAB Add Unity.exe to the list of exceptions.