Unity3D Remote + Mac help

Hey, having some trouble getting the Unity Remote working with my Mac. Ive had it working before but now Im not sure what ive done wrong:

1) Ive setup a network on my mac, lets say its called, "network1".

2) Iphone picked up that network and I connected to it via the iphone successfully.

3) I started up unity and also unityremote.xcodeproj built + ran the unity remote, it runs on my iphone fine but has "Searching for servies" under domain "local" and it sits and waits. Nothing appears.

What am I missing, anyone?


Old question, but since people can still view this, I'll answer it in case others run in to this down the road:

If this happens, it's because you did not enable WiFi on your iPhone. Go in to Settings on the iPhone and then when it shows your local WiFi network, sign in to that and use it as your WiFi network the iPhone is connected to.

Then, when you run Unity Remote on the iPhone, you will properly see your WiFi network show up in the Unity Remote list.

Next, click on that network and Unity Remote will progress to the Unity screen that says it's waiting for you to press Play from Unity. Once you do that, then Unity will then begin sending image updates in real time to your iPhone over your WiFi network.