Unity3d Render image without rotation

I am working on a project in which I will need some elements which display images or texsts.
these images or texts are displayed in the 3d world space, so location is important. however I will not need rotation for them since they need to be displayed like 2d texts and immages.

I have looked at lookat, but this seems to sometimes deform the images and has a great performance impact since this project uses a large amount of those objects.

The question in short:
does unity support rendering images in 3d space without having the rotation overhead, so without having any rotation or deformation.
basically 2d rendering images in a 3d space with individual locations without the rotation overhead.
I know that this technically seen wouldn’t be hard so I expect unity probably has somethin like this. since in custom made engines rotation of 2d graphics is a lot harder than just locations.

If lookAt doesn’t work for you try this rather simple solution:

void Update()
    yourImage.transform.rotation = mainCamera.transform.rotation; //you should cache both when using

And i dont know what you use but you should try using a Quad.