Unity3d 'Top' view has Front on Back and Back on Front?

So, after thinking for quite some time that I had things rotated, or they were importing wrong, I finally realized this is just the top camera.

In Maya, click on Top and you end up with Front on bottom and Back on top.

In Unity3d, click on To and you get Front on top and Back on bottom.

The cameras have a 180 degree rotation difference.

So, 3 questions: 1) is this a bug? 2) is there a way to change it so in Unity3d WYSIWYG in Maya? 3) since in Maya, I can rotate the top view (even though it reads 'top' upside down) and I can't in Unity3d... should I just start making objects upside down in Maya so I can easily hit the 'top' camera in Unity and have it look 'correct'?

Thanks in advance!

Different modeling programs have different rotations and relative space. I use blender, which has x, and y as Unity's x and z. Unity supports a special import option that automagically fixes this axis difference. This might be what you want.

Worst case scenario, you can't find any importation feature to help, you can always place the mesh inside an empty gameobject, and set the mesh's relative rotation so that it faces where it should. Then, you simply pretend that the empty gameobject IS that mesh.

That gets a little tedious when dealing with collision detecting and mesh manipulation.

It is better to simply rotate your model in Maya by 180 degrees before exporting to Unity. That will fix your problem as well.