Unity3D Using Truebones/BVH

I'm working with a collection of BVH files (truebones library) and having some issues with animations importing and behaving well with my models.

Currently I've tried the Maya plugin and milkshape 3d to convert the BVH files to FBX, then import to unity3d. Once in Unity3d, I just drag the animation over to my model (which we grafted to the same skeleton the BVH's use) and while the animation "works" in that the character follows the animation sequence, I'm finding a problem in milkshape's fbx's where it stretches the legs of my model: http://grab.by/8qNV - it also translates the model up on the y-axis, almost like it's centering on a point at the foot of the model. Otherwise it seems to follow the animations fairly well, though not as nicely as BVhacker previews them in many cases.

Alternately, if I use http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/downloads/scripts-plugins/utility-external/export/c/bvh-file-import-export-for-maya - then the animation seems to export without the legs being distorted, but i have the same y-axis issue:

An interesting difference between the two exporters, is that the milkshape exporter exports off the hips while the maya exporter retains them: http://grab.by/8qOe ... the net effect is that i have to attach my animation to the root model for maya, or to the hip child node for milkshape fbx.

It seems to me that the root problem is being able to lock down that y-axis so my model doesn't pop upwards on the y-axis.

Anyone have experience with BVH (esp Truebones) that can offer so assistance? These animations look great in bvhacker but the trip to unity3d is less than spectacular atm.


Thanks for your questipn.

Are all the Truebones motions doing this? Or just some?