Unity3d v5 & Awesomium: Currently Compatible?

So after installing the latest Awesomium and using it within Unity3D v5, I’m finding one error that I cannot get to go away. Noticing others online are having the same issue am and wondering if Awesomium needs an update to fix this, or there is something we can do at our end?

Failed to load ‘Assets/Plugins/awesomium.dll’, expected 64 bit architecture (IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_AMD64), but was IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_I386.

hey, i posted this Ultralight - Next-Generation HTML Renderer for Desktop Apps and Games.

some facts:
1 page Ultralight - Next-Generation HTML Renderer for Desktop Apps and Games not avaible now:))) → downloading of awesomium-unity-plugin not avaible
2 no way, only new version or patch for awesomium-unity-plugin can resolve this issue
3 irc chat - silence…
4 support - silence…
5 page is empty - http://wiki.awesomium.net/unity/

impression that the support will no longer…

hey I have the same problem did you solve it?

Not that I’m aware of, however I’ve seen some alternative ways to this in the Unity3D asset store that seem to replace the need for awesomium. However they do cost money. Problem with this is that if you have built something using the awesomium plugin, you are now crippled once you upgrade unity3D. No longer works, nor is there support. Might be easiest to use the plugins in the asset store, then wait on this to get resolved.

An ethical business practice would be to at least give support toward an alternative solution…even if it does cost. Or if your no longer giving support, at least tell somebody.