Unity3d Vuforia Ground Plane Using UNET

Hello all,

I am using unity3d UNITY and vuforia Ground Plane for creating a shared augmented reality experience. i setup UNET in my project but the problem when I anchor gameObject is not showing for other clients.

I want something like this:

thank you in advance

No one Hhhhhhhhhhhh?!

I am not sure if Vuforia has a multiplayer solution like ARCore’s cloud anchors. In any case, even though your question is a little bit broad i will try to help.

In order to have a multiplayer experience in any Augmented Reality application, first thing is to find a transformation between two devices. Because you have two different coordinate system and a position in device one is not necessarily same in device two in terms of physical location. Therefore, you need to find a transformation matrix between two Sessions.

To do so you can use Rigid Transform which requires three common points in each coordinate system and calculates transformation matrix between these two sessions. After you calculated the transformation matrix you can send the position of your object with the transformation matrix and second device can calculate the physical location with the transformation matrix and position of the object in second device’s coordinate system.