Unity3d Webgl build and angularjs

hi everybody, i’m currently creating a project usin Angular 1.5.x.
I’m trying to host the unity web build (WebGL) on one of my views.
I ran into alot of different problems:

  • The build works when its served as a single html file from my localhost (I use Node.js and Express to implement it.)
  • Trying to edit the html rendered by Unity, I could not include the UnityLoader.js script (or any other script) because Angular ignores Script tags, and I can’t load it to my main html file because the javascript just starts running.
  • I built an Angular directive that loads the unity UnityLoader.js dynamically and got the following error:
  • I tried to put the ‘module’ object inside the loader script and got this error:

Running out of options. any one had any luck implementing unity Webgl applications into an Angular.js page?

@TheFrohlich I’m sorry to answer in this old post, but were you able to run Unity webgl in Angular?.
I am trying to make it work in a project of Angular 5 and I get this error “ERROR ReferenceError: UnityLoader is not defined”.