Unity3d download file is currupted I’ve tried downloading it 6 times on crome and Internet explore… On my Desktop of course, then I tried it on my laptop same thing (Already have it on my laptop) I wanted it on my desktop due to the fact my Graphics Card and Processor on my laptop cant handle the big assets. So i download it on my desktop and about 700mb in it crashes my browser and the file. Can someone help direct me to a new link or give me some advice (witout being a D*ck :slight_smile: I know my compture and I know its not me or the browser it has to be the download file/link…


Works for me.

I’ve had issues with windows suddenly deciding to stop downloading, for no reason, at a certain point. Do a search for a free download manager and put the Unity download URL in that. Think I used one called FlashGet if that helps.