Unity5.0 Canvas and Particle System

Hi, I am trying to create a particle effect on a button press in Unity 5.0.0f4 Personal.
I have seen other answers which are provided here:

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Also, I could not find, any property renderer of ParticleSystem in the code. But there was a tab named Renderer in the ParticleSystem component in the inspector. So far I have not been able to figure out what I am missing, if other people have already done it, then it only means that I have overlooked something. If some one can help me with that, I would be really grateful. Thanks.

Things I have tried so far:

  1. Two canvas (one for everything else
    and one for particle system) with
    different layers and sorting orders,
    with one camera as well as two
    cameras (with different Culling
    mask/layer rendering selection
  2. One canvas, two cameras, particle
    system not in the canvas but on
    different layers. (This displays the
    particles but behind canvas, so when
    Background image will be turned on,
    it will not be visible, nonetheless
    I wanted to display particles above
    everything anyways)
  3. Changing Canvas rendering mode, etc.

I am attaching the images of inspector to give a clearer idea of what I am doing, so it would be easier to identify my mistake. (Have not done anything in the code, so for now the particles are starting automatically). I know the images I have attached are not readable in that small form, so just a small tip about that in case you are not aware of it. Hold Ctrl for windows or command/windows button for mac and scroll in to make the web page bigger. Once you are done with that press Ctrl + 0(zero) for windows or command/windows + 0(zero) for mac to make the web page to its normal zoom again. Much appreciated.

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You can try particle2D plugin Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

Here’s another solution to create particles into native Unity UI. This particle system derives from default Graphic class, so it is totally compatible with all UI elements.

Here is a demo from the version 1.3.

New version 1.5 is comming early next year with many cool features.