Unity5.5; UFPS 1.7; player interact; how is the sweet spot determined for an objects grab/interact?

Hi! I’ve been working with UFPS recently and am setting up an object as grabbable (an office chair). The chair has multiple colliders on it (for back, arms, seat, stem, and wheel base). My issue is that the sweet spot for grabbing the chair only seems to work on a small part of the chair. It’s really small in comparison to the size of the object, making grabbing awkward.

So, how is the sweet spot (for making interaction available) determined?

Perhaps by understanding this, I can formulate a strategy for making the interactable area of the chair better :slight_smile:

@AnOrdinarySandwich I’m going to go out on a limb and say its either a) the center of the collider of the object, or b) the transform position of the gameobject its attached to. It’d be easy to test this. Just try adding a collider to a gameObject with vp_grab, and then move the collider, not the object. Make sure the grab offset is set to 0, 0, 0