Unity5 build unfinished after 3 days, please help

I would be releasing my first unity 4 educational/tourism app within this month. Im just finishing the intro videos. It compiles/builds with unity4 ok. It is a recreation of a real-life environment.

With the release of Unity5, I want to try the new engine as i might be able to put more details, like fences and trees together, and even the lighting. a screenshot of the iOS in iPad retina is attached.

what takes less than 5minutes for Unity 4, is taking Unity5 over 3days now. it is still compiling [since wednesday]. it gets stuck in “Building level 0: (7/11 Light Transport | 1263 jobs)”, after 3days,its still 467jobs.

Is this normal? I tried cloud build but having trouble with GIT,as the assets are over 2GB, but the final ios size is just 115MB, and Android at 96MB.
Both my pc and macbook used are i7 3.4GHz/2.3GHz ,both with 16GB Memory.
all assets are static.

I hope someone could point me in the right direction.


Just make sure no game objects are Static. Terrains by default are static. The static is in the corner of the inspector.

i red somewhere that you need to uncheck some baked GI stuff in the lighting settings

I know this isn’t really a fix, but if you’re not bothered about having the global illumination effects and just need the basic lighting built then you can disable Baked GI as well as the Realtime GI

You may like to lower your light-map settings in scene 0. looks its to high to handle for unity or the level is to complex for the light mapping settings.

My temporary solution which worked was to combine Unity4,but use IL2CPP.
It allowed for all my details and trees to be displayed in ios, and also used “METAL” graphics api.
–will post someday, if i could find a solution in rendering large open areas.

the whole park is 58 Hectares/ 140Acres, a recreation of our country’s National Hero shrine—for education and tourism .