Unity5 C# files still exist, but codes gone. It just restore codes 1 month back

Hello I’m using Unity 5.1.2f1 (64-bit) version.(windows 8.1) I closed Unity. After a while ago I opened Unity and I had some errors in my Console. then I clicked the error and I realized that I lost my codes in some of my C# files. Then I checked folders of my scripts and I checked date modified section of my C# files.

alt text

as you can see, some of file’s modified date is in 7th month and other’s modified date is in 8th date. Problem is I just saved those file’s (7th month) just couple of days.

I had this problem before as well. That time only few changes lost and I re-code those files, but not I lost hundreds lines of codes, so I can’t re-code all same. Is there any way to recover those codes?

I’ll be happy if you help me. Have a good day!

Losing data is probably not something related to Unity. It could be caused by anything.

Anyway, I think it’s a good moment for you to learn how to use revision control systems, such as Git. It will grant you a perfect way to backup your code, edit-by-edit. Sign up at GitHub or Bitbucket, download Git and TortoiseGit, and read about how it works. It may be overwhelming, but it’s really worth it.