Unity5 WebGl for Mobile Browsers?

I am developing the application in Unity5 for web. Right now we are working in WebGl platfrom. After Chrome stop supporting the unity webplayer we have moved on this platform.

Now i have a query about the unity webGl application whether will play mobile browser or not?
Because i have tested the webGl native project which is playing on the mobile browsers but its not playing.

So is there any way or any plug-in or any trick to play the untiy webgl content in mobile browsers?

Please help me to solve this issue.
Thanks in Advance.

WebGL on mobile browsers is not supported. It even goes as far as saying that when you try to run it in a mobile browser.

Mobile browsers have a long way to go in order for us to support them.

Recently we developed toolchain that help to export Unity-made game to HTML5 content. The toolchain is in its early stage, there still a lot to be done, but our team is focus on it and the progress is good.

We also created a github project GitHub - tezheng/UH5: A project to convert Unity3D game into HTML5 that can be run on mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). When the time comes we will open-source it.

Here is the first demo we release last week http://cyberytech.com:5000/mw2/. this is a COC style game, support iOS8 or Android 4.4+ (not PC-compatible now).

Anyone interested in this project, please email me tezheng1982_at_gmail.com.

webgl does work on most mobile browser

there is a lot of limitation but it does work.
Work hard on optimization, avoid all normal/bump/reflection map.
use crunched for all texture
stay under 30k tris if your camera is moving
cheat everything you can to save on performance and you will get a good visual and a 30 fps on high end device. for average devices like galaxy s3 you can get 15 fps wich is fine if you dont have to much physics

I can assure you that webgl can work really well with good fps if you know what you are doing without any plugin

As a matter of fact, at work the game we are making work on pc, android and iphone.
The only device we have problems so far are ipads because they have a different standars for data caching and our result are really inconsistent with ipads

OK , So obviously every one here is mis informed, and the question posed is how to make this work.

So simply develop your app/game/whatever, get it converted via phone gap, and use it on the site with either a cordova cross conversion or utilize the API’s or custom framework structures that sketchfab has used to make html5 canvas work on any web browser.

There are many ways to subvert the google and apple corporate bullshit set restrictions, and as for the browsers having ways to go for support, this is utter nonsense, they all support it, browser development has been boosted in recent years by the development of cross platform API’s

If you have a good investment in this, it would be a good idea to find / hire a top level html5 canvas / javascript developer , either those that have worked on things like , agario / slither.io and such games.

I have no solution for the problem itself, I do know that most games from unity webGL are forcefully buggy, I dont want to shout conspiracy, but its obvious that devices are powerfull enough to run webGL but every big agency such as APPLE and GOOGLE are shitting themselves, because we could then program in PAYPAL buttons for IAPs and subvert their taxation completely

I got a mighty 2 FPS running a quick 3d demo with fish (we whipped up today)

The FPS barely matters though, it ran natively in FF on iPhone. Seminal. Sure optimise - sure make it stronger faster better. Safari choked on the size but gave it a good go.

Ran. natively. no extra effort. Stupidly large 30mbish. This plateau is here therefore.
Performance needs love. Size is too big, but it ran

WebGL introduce graphics within any web browser without using plugins, it is also called a Web Graphics Library, WebGL used for a mobile browser, for more information visit