Unity5 : WheelCollider Parent Scaling Issues

Hi All

I have just upgraded to Unity5 and started out testing the wheel collider. Setting it up is easy enough but I can't get it to work robustly when I'm scaling a parent that owns the collider.

So, my setup is as follows:

MainObject (with rigigMass for testing)
| -----> Meshes
| -----> GameObject (with WheelCollider)

When I scale the main object to e.g. half the normal, the collider no longer works as expected, i.e. the collision point is moved correctly but the center of mass is not moved as expected.

N.B. I may have misunderstood the labels, but I have understood the circle as center of mass and the small sphere as the force interaction / collision point.

Anyone else tried this?



Take a look here forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-5-wheelcollider-component-is-unusable.307099/ it looks like the unity 5 physics for vehicle might be broken.

Ah, ok. Hope it gets an upgrade soon™.

[quote=“HenrikAndresen”, post:3, topic: 573582]
Ah, ok. Hope it gets an upgrade soon™.
Me too

Yup, there is problem when parent of wheel collider have other than 1 scales. Wheel positioning is very strange then. Definitely bug. Other than that, it works.