UnityAds null texture passed to GUI.DrawTexture

No issues after building and running on an Android device, but UnityAds generates the subjected warning.

What actually happens:

  1. In Unity Editor I press Play
  2. Then press Show Simple or Rewarded Ads.
  3. “This screen would be your Ad Unit” appears with “Skip” and “Close” buttons.
  4. Pressing “Skip” makes the button disappear but “This screen would be your Ad Unit” still hangs on
  5. Pressing “Close” does NOT closes “This screen would be your Ad Unit”, although multiple “Finished” callback handler debug message appear in the Console
  6. I press stop in Unity Editor and “This screen would be your Ad Unit” disappears and my scene comes back, BUT the “Close” button still remains on top overlapping my scene
  7. Every push on “Close” button generates “null texture passed to GUI.DrawTexture” warning message in the Console
  8. Have to press Play and Stop in order to get rid of the “Close” button.

No idea what could cause this ???

Yeah, I have the same problem. It happened out of nowhere. Hopefully someone can help :confused:

Any solutions for this issue, still getting this in 2019 January.

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In 08.03.2019 I get the same error with same conditions.

Same Here… I had the problem with unity 2019.3.0f6.
For me It was because of Unity Ads. I found that if I disable the option to “Enter Play Mode faster” (the option is still in preview), everything works fine ^^