UnityAppController.mm copied in

Hello there,

We recently upgraded to Unity 4.2, however after following the upgrade notes regarding the Assets/Plugins/iOS folder, my custom UnityAppController.mm file is being copied to Libraries instead of Classes folder! Of course this causes duplicate symbol definitions in XCode 5.

Is there a workaround this?

Thank you in advance

We solved this problem using a different approach: we subclass UnityAppController and patch main.mm to use our own class. Unity 4.2 makes this even simpler with the IMPL_APP_CONTROLLER_SUBCLASS macro.

Just made a writeup on how to deal to deal with UnityAppController:

Override app delegate in Unity for iOS and OSX (1/4) Plugin workflow.

Basically two approach, one is doing with Notification Center, the other uses Method swizzling. Also there is an alternative for OSX.