UnityEngine found but MonoBehaviour or Vector3 not found in MonoDevelop

Hi all,

I have recently noticed that UnityEngine dependencies were not recognized in MonoDevelop for one of my projects. It works fine for all my other projects, even ones made last year. And UnityEngine itself is not highlighted. It seems to work fine in VS as well.

I get the error CS0103 : “MonoBehaviour” doesn’t exist in the current context. Yet, Unity is able to compile the code and I get no errors in the console, and the game play mode work fine.

The real issue is that without MonoBehaviour auto-complete it is very hard to write code as I keep having to re-write things over and over due to auto-complete to things which are not MonoBehaviour.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Feel free to comment to ask for particular setting details or info. I don’t really know where the problem comes from so I don’t know what extra info to provide.


hi , first unity version ?

1/ maybe some plugins in your project are not compatible with unity version

2/ try to open the project with same unity version that created it

3/ did you tried to re-install unity ?