UnityEngine.Network is obsolete in ARCore 1.3 in Unity 2018.2

Apparently, Google wasn’t ready for Unity 2018.2 or Unity didn’t bother to inform them in advance.
But now, I’m running 2018.2 and 1.3 of the Unity and ARCore, respectively, and I’m getting an error.

Assets/GoogleARCore/Examples/CloudAnchor/Scripts/CloudAnchorUIController.cs(85,60): error CS0619: UnityEngine.NetworkPlayer.ipAddress' is obsolete: The legacy networking system has been removed in Unity 2018.2. Use Unity Multiplayer and NetworkIdentity instead.'

Where did the ip Address run to hide?

Hi @Privateer, just comment this line as it’s just for displaying user IP address, and they have already marked this as “fixed in next release” so we just have to wait for 1.4.0.

//IPAddressText.text = "My IP Address: " + Network.player.ipAddress;