UnityEngine.UI.Image keeps removing itself from a Prefab.

I have a really weird problem and it seems to happen randomly (or whenever I close + open Unity.)
I am running Unity 5.0.2f1 and it seems to do it when I close off of unity…
I am saving the prefab and the scene so there shouldn’t be a problem.
When I do get the problem, my other main scripts relay on that image script being there so when it disappears, nothing works.

What it seems to do it sort of remove it self so I get “Missing Script” errors.
Any suggestions?
(I am updating Unity but where I live, the internet is fairly slow (0.1mbps up / 1mbps down) so I don’t really want to update.)

It’s okay for I have thought of a slightly hacky solution!

public Sprite mySprite; //Or something like that...

void Awake()
	gameObject.GetComponent<UnityEngine.UI.Image>().sprite = mySprite;

	//Just for my purposes
	gameObject.GetComponent<UnityEngine.UI.Image>().enabled = false;